Speaking to your customers

Every business these days claims to be customer-centric but when was the last time you actually spoke to your customers? What is their situation? What has changed for them? How much of this will be lasting change? What are their new and evolving needs and frustrations? To maximise the value of these conversations, a good …

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Areas for B2B Marketers to consider

4 Areas for B2B Marketers to consider in 2023 As we head into 2023 here are my thoughts on 4 areas that I think B2B marketers may need to consider in what may be an interesting year ahead.

A Great Brand Story

Why a great brand story is important Right at the top of the sales funnel, at the start of the customer journey, we as marketers want to attract as many potential customers as possible. This is where brand impact has a significant part to play – you need a great story with an emotional hook. …

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Product Positioning

It’s not the physical nature of your product that is important for positioning but how your product is perceived (effectively what your buyers can relate to). The following are 3 common strategies that you can use to develop a position in the mind of your buyer. PRICE / QUALITY – a simple and effective strategy …

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